Tuesday, 13 October 2015

5 Important Guidelines For Getting The Best Car Insurance For Self Employed Online

While it is possible to secure the best car insurance for self employed by taking advantage of the fast internet processes, there are few important guidelines that need to be followed. Here is some vital information relating to the same which might be of help.” 

Finding cheap car insurance for self-employed drivers can be highly challenging especially if you have started your business recently. Nevertheless, these days’ specialist help is easily accessible to make things easier but still, it could be better if you follow few crucial guidelines. Here is some information pertaining to the same which you may find useful during your effort.

1. Never lie to insurance company – When finalizing a business car insurance policy, it is advisable to be honest and not hide any information relating to the car and its use. Otherwise in the event of an accident, the insurer can deny your claim or cancel your auto insurance for unemployed coverage.

2. Check if a business-use endorsement on personal policy is essential and offers enough coverage –Typically, business-use endorsement is over and above your personal car insurance policy. Such a move may lead to hike in premium but still that will be much lesser than premium charged for commercial vehicle.

3. Know when a commercial car cover is must – Some vehicles might not get covered under contents of a personal car insurance policy. Such cars need to be insured with a commercial auto insurance cover. This category of cars may include:
  • Cars used as taxis or messenger services or used for delivering goods
  • Cars which are leased or owned by corporation or partnership firms
  • Cars registered for business or any other type of commercial purposes
  • Cars that are driven by non-listed drivers or employees
  • Cars which are rented or leased as pick-up vans or utility vehicles    

4. Determine how much amount of car coverage that you actually need – Before applying for cheaper car insurance for unemployed, find out the amount of coverage you actually need. You may have to work with insurance provider closely for this purpose.  

5. Premium for commercial car cover will be higher - Commercial vehicle insurance policies usually come standard with higher premiums as they depend on a verity of factors like: 
  • Whether the car is being parked in a garage or not
  • Past driving record of driver or employees who drive the car
  • Type of car and the manner in which it is being used
  • Choice of deductible – Higher the deductible lower will be the premium

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